[ISSUE] Nuendo 6.0.6 crashing when importing audio

Nuendo 6 was running fine, but for some reason when I try to Import audio either through the Pool window or directly, or try to add new drives to the Media Bay, Nuendo crashes.
I can’t downgrade to OS X 10.8 as the new MacBook Pros won’t allow for this.

This happens in 64 and 32-bit modes.

Crash report available if needed.

As of late October they still hadn’t qualified N6 for Maverick’s, it appears from the post you are using that. Here’s the latest info if you haven’t seen it.



Thing is, it was working absolutely fine - then randomly these issues started 2 days in. Taking this long to support a new OS is ridiculous - even Avid have support now, and developers get the new OS way ahead of it’s release.
And they wonder why most people don’t use Nuendo in post. I’m starting to ask why I do too.

Any news from Steinberg on proper support?