[ISSUE] Nuendo 6 locks up when I close without saving

Just trying to set up Nuendo 6 with all my external effects, VST instruments, etc… So as I close the program before rebooting, I’m answering “NO” to the save prompt. This seems to lock up the program, necessitating a forced close from within the task manager. Windows 7 64 bit.

I’ve had this problem too, especially with the more memory intensive songs.

What I do is close the song first, watch the CPU memory go down in the task manager and then close Nuendo.

I know we shouldn’t have to do this, but it’s a viable work around for me.

And thanks, but this is actually a completely empty song. When Nuendo opens I pick “new” and “empty”… I then do my setup work, getting VST instruments and plug-ins, etc, activating my Mackie Control, etc… Then I close Nuendo in order to re-start the program, and pick “don’t save” at the prompt. This is when it locks up. I just discovered that it will lock up if I have more than one project open too. “Don’t Save” just completely locks up my program immediately when I hit it, with an empty project!