[Issue]Nuendo 6 Won't Import Cubasis Files

I just tried to open some Cubasis files in N6 and had no luck; went back to 5.5 and they opened ok. Then, trying to open the new Nuendo file in N6-- no dice.

Only way I was able to get Cubasis into N6 was to make an OMF in N5.5 and import it into N6.

So many extra steps!

Please fix!


Why would I care? Because more and more of my audiobook home readers are using iPads to record… I have been having them use FiRE, a nice field recorder utility, but there were transfer issues, and sample rate restrictions.

Cubasis does everything I need that FiRE doesn’t, and it exports individual sound files just fine. But the idea of being able to import whole sessions is very attractive… and seems JUST out of reach.

Does anybody (Steinberg! That’s you!) know if fixing import from Cubasis to Nuendo is on the list for any time soon?


Hi Chewy,

have a look at [R-7469] SOLVED: Cubasis import fails in Cubase 7.0.3 - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums.
It should be fixed in Nuendo 6.0.4.

Best regards,

Thanks, Bodo. I was hoping that would be the case!

This is really going to help out over here!