[ISSUE] Nuendo 7 install problems

Hey guys.

My Nuendo 7 install has been a total wreck. Tons of problems that simply didn’t happen on Nuendo 6.

Here’s a list of the problems:

-Can’t import AAF files. An error message appears “ERR: 80120097”. But I can import the same AAF onto Nuendo 6.

-Can’t load plug ins. I’ve already shared this issue, unanswered, here on the forum.
The plugs are listed, I can click on them, but they simply won’t load. This problem does not occur in Nuendo 6.

-Each time a open a project, any project, it always assumes the GRID of the previous one. If the last project was a music mix on Beats and Bars, a video project with a timecode GRID will assume it’s beats and Bars.

We are not beeing able to work with Nuendo 7 due to this issues.

Hoping for some help.


Do you have the latest Nuendo 7.0.35 update, please?

Could you write your system specification, please?

Hey Martin, thanks for your reply.

Last friday I uninstalled all of it, and reinstalled Nuendo 7 (7.0.35 built in 24 Nov 2015).

The AAF and grid problem seemed solved.

But the plugin problem still happens.

Here are my system specs:

PC Intel Xeon E5-2609 @ 2.40 Ghz / 32 GB RAM
Steinberg UR824 @ 16 ch
SPL - Sound Monitor Controller Model 2489
Projector JVC D-ILA
Pre-Amp UAD 4-710d
SmartAV Tango 2 + Extension Bay

Have you ever heard anything of this?



I’m glad it helps.

The plug-in problem, I answered here directly.