[ISSUE] nuendo crash when opening an automation track

Hi everyone,
i’m experiencing a crash i’ve never had before:
I’m in a relative big session (almost100 tracks) nearly no plugs (double ms tool schoeps)
when i click on the little + to had an automation parametter, it opens in big size than nuendo can read but the cusor on the time line dont move and all the meters are freezed.
i had the same using ‘‘audio process reverse’’ and the file show a wrong envelope (the envelope stays in the original sense).
it’s a pain cause this crash i didn’t eperienced before make this session hard to use.
if someone ever had these.

EDIT: same session same bug when i just add a new track same session same bug each time nuendo open a window(audio process …) and if i save during reading.

sometimes i’m not able to stop the play.

nuendo 6.07
HP Z620 workstation E5-2620 2.00ghz 16Go RAM 64bits windows 7 intégrale sp1
soundcard SSL madixtreme SSLalpha link
enphonix MC control

Please am i alone with this problem?