Issue of static noise generated by cubase's pitch shift envelop

Steps to reproduce the problem.

1)Load some sine wav
2)F7 → process → pitch shift
3)Uncheck “Time correction”
4)Switch to envelop tab
5)Hit “reset” to reset envelope
6)Tranpose:0 Fine Tune: 0
7)Hit play
8)Process → Add another pitch shift instance
Then add another one and another one.
As many as you would add you might hear the artefact static noise increasing, but it is apparent with only one layer.
You may use an analyser to this, it’s happening on the high frequencies.

This happening for me on all of my cubase versions, 10, 11, 11.02, MacOS, Catalina.
And also at my friends Studio, Cubase 10.5, Pc, Windows 10.
Would appreciate if someone can confirm this is happening at your end also, although this comes and goes… but mostly apparent.


Sorry, I can’t confirm any artefacts here. See attached screenshot, please.

You are on the wrong mode, switch tab to Envelope mode.

And it sounds like sweeping effect on the high’s.


I get the very same result, if I’m in the Envelope tab. See new attached screenshot, please.


On the video, I see, it happens on the transition of the loop (from the end of the loop, back to the beginning). As far as I can see, you have a fades there. Moreover the loop is probably not aligned perfectly to the sine wave length.

My expectation is, you see these artefacts, in fact.

It’s the same when it’s perfectly aligned, check this out..
Notice how as soon as i add the first layer you can hear the artefacts and that’s it’s no longer smooth.

Would you mind trying to open my project at your end and see if it does doesn’t occur at your end?

That would be great, since i’m not sure you’ve replicate my process exactly.
I’d appreciate this.


I have tried with your project.

1st I eliminated some of the “kick” by setting the Cycle properly, so it really matches the Audio Event length.

Then I have tried to play it back without the Pitch Shifts. The result was exactly the same regarding the “Kick”.

At the end, I can confirm, in this extreme setup, I can hear and see some artefacts in the higher frequencies.

Thank you.
I have now confirmed this indeed happening with all versions with everybody.
Do you happen to know if this thread would be considered as a formal ‘big report’ for Steinberg or is there another formal way of reporting it.