[ISSUE] Offline Process History nonfunctional

Hi everybody

Just installed N6.03 and the Offline Process History seems to be nonfunctional.

  • Select a clip either in the Arrange window or the Sample Editor, apply plug-in processing (an EQ or whatever)

  • Open the Offline Process History window and check if there’s any Actions listed. On my system no Actions seem to get listed.

    Anyone else having the same problem?


It is working correctly here on PC.

I, too, am having the same problem. I can’t create any Batch Processes because of it.

Edit: NOT Working here on my Mac.

Sorry about that. My previously existing batch processes were working… but now, trying to look at them via offline process history… instant crash.


Not working here with N6.0.3 Trial version on a PC Win-7 64bit although I may be doing something wrong.

Selected a clip in main project window , actually an entire audio track, and applied a voxengo eq curve to it. Then opened audio/offline process history - nothing on the list.

And you guys who have the problem; this all worked in 6.0.2, right?

I don’t know - it’s not a feature I have ever used before.

Big annoyance, unfortunately I had issues as well.

Weirdly it is working correctly here today!

Could it be some sort of initialization issue?

Well, from my point of view that really makes it worse…


Also here… I did some offline processing, saved (!), and checked the history… and it was all there; no crash.

Will do some looking into whatever factors were different from instance to instance.


I am unfortunately having the same issue, which I believe may be due to opening a session from Nuendo 4.3, because when I open a session from scratch the offline process history seems to function. This is however not good news for me at all, since I have unfinished SFX editing or Song’s created in earlier versions (Nuendo 4.3 or Nuendo 5.5) that I need to access properly. Please look into this ASAP

BIZARRE, started working again, so its unclear if it was because of the early version or not. I’m trying to pinpoint a reason but can’t seem to find anything consistent to report a bug. I post again if I find something.

happening again. This is a show stopper for me, we use offline process history periodically throughout our work day for many services, especially dialogue editing. I’m not impressed

Same here. It’s driving me nuts. Even though it might work fine for a couple of hours, all of a sudden N6 crashes as soon as I hit “Offline Process History”. Since I use it all the time I’m kind of upset…

Fix it please!


I have also had a crash when trying to look at the offline history.

The project in question was started in N5.5.5.

Same here, program crashes when looking up the offline process history.

When applying a process to several files, only the first one gets processed.
The Project was started in N6.0.3. Now I aopened it in N 5.5.4. and everything is fine.

OSX 10.8.3.

Has anyone made any progress with this? I haven’t heard anything yet and still having this issue, which is truly slowing my workflow down.

Only Steinberg can make a progress here.
My personal progress is going back to 5.1 where AAF also works…


Yup… My AAAf today only imported in 5.1 :frowning:

I didn’t have any crashes though. I guess I didn’t have the balls to hit the offline process history button…