Issue on moving note to a different stave


I’m having difficulties in understanding how to move a note to a different stave (in a piano from treble key to bass) without splitting in a different voice.
Procedure i use: ALT-M (from treble to bass) or ALT-N for the opposite.

However when i do in my score it create an addition measure and is not what i wanted, simply to move the note to the chord below, instead it create another voice like below:

ALT-M to this

Hours i’m trying to figure out whats the issue!

Any help is welcome

If you select individual notes in the bottom staff, then look in the status bar at the bottom left of the window, what voices does the read-out say each note is in? It’s possible you’ve got excess voices active.

You can also select everything in that bottom staff and go Edit > Voices > Change Voice > Up-stem voice 1 to put everything in the same voice.

Thanks for the fast reply!

Yes it works thanks.
However, if i check the voices (source and destination) both are Up-Stem voice 1, when i perform the operation it change Down-Stem voice 1.

I tried in another simple project and it changes the position without the need to perform an additional operation, am i missing something?


If you want to share the original project, where the voice behaviour was unexpected, someone might be able to take a look. In general, it’s supposed to use the first active voice on the staff.

Note, i closed and reopened Dorico and now it work as expected!
Not sure what has changed though, i will keep in mind that if this happen again, a quick close and open again might do some magic.

Here it is,

I will wait for the feedback then, thanks.

Test Step Input.dorico (1.8 MB)

Is that the project before or after saving, closing, and reopening? It works fine for me (that is, no extra rests).

When you close a project, Dorico automatically deletes any unused voices. I suspect you have another voice leftover in that project without notes in it, which was deleted when you closed the project and therefore not used when moving a note down from the top staff.

Also, a useful trick when sharing projects on the forum is to apply the Silence playback template first, if your question isn’t related to playback - it makes the file size much smaller. In addition to the time saved in uploading/downloading, it reduces demands on data centers which run on electricity…

After saving and reopening, what you say might explain the behaviour then, even though I’m not sure how i have another voice leftover.

Thanks for the help!

Noted on the Silence template good point.

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