[Issue] - On/Off button of the Insert/send is bad

On/Off button of the Insert/send :

So tiny, but even when the mouse is clicking all around the button (in the rack, the small round thing) I cant get it on!
I need to find the sweet spot somewhere to make it get “on”.

Am I the only one spending time trying to make his plugs turn on or off?


I’ve also noticed this in the last couple of updates.

Yes, very difficult and aggravating to use. Also the almost non-existent scrollbars and the minuscule sliders around the Project window.

Why do they have to be so small?

It would be great if we were able to resize them ourselves. (even if it was just small. medium and large).

Hovering & waiting, clicking and missing, multiple functions placed too close to each other. The interface used to be a joy to use…now it is mostly frustrating. I’m finally on my way out of here so whatever.

The interface in 7.1 is riddled with these sorts of problems. I ended up going back to 7 out of frustration.