Issue on the Sends of the special-purpose Group channel

Hi team,

in the preparation of two projects relating to the activities of two bands, I have several times found myself involuntarily modifying the routing of the Sends relating to the channels that are grouped in the special-purpose Group channel.

This was driving me crazy, in the end, after a thousand tests, I understood how to reproduce the issue, which, all things considered, can be reproduced in a rather simple way. :wink:

  1. Create a new project by inserting an audio track with the Output Device left at the default value Song 1 (it doesn’t matter whether the track contains audio events or not)

  1. In the Mixer, create a new group channel Group 1 and use it as a Send for the channel associated with the audio track created in step 1.

  1. At this point the project can be saved and possibly reloaded and will be presented with the Sends of the Song 1 channel correctly associated with Group 1

  2. Create a new group channel Group 2 and, obviously without modifying the Sends of the Song 1 channel, save the project and then reload it

  3. The reloaded project will appear with the Sends of Song 1 previously associated with Group 1, incorrectly associated with Group 2

I have not checked, but it is probable that this behavioral anomaly of the Sends is not attributable only when there is association with Group channels.

I hope (but I am confident) it will be possible to fix this issue as soon as possible since, as you will certainly realise, it is quite tedious to rearrange the routing on projects of a certain complexity.

As always, thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Will check!

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You are correct, will fix asap.

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Thanks @musicullum for your Sunday check! :blush:

Fixed with the next version, sorry. The good news is that your saved projects send will correctly address Group 1 instead of Group 2 without any change when you load it with the fixed version.

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Great news, thank you! :slight_smile:

While waiting for the fixed version, I will avoid modifying the Mixer channel structure of the two projects in order to minimize the risks of accidentally modifying the desired routing. :wink:

Hi @musicullum,

Pre-Release version 1.3.19 fixes the issue, good work!

Remaining in the Mixer and channel order area, the issue relating to hidden and then displayed channels remains open:

As always, thanks for the support. :slight_smile: