Issue: Ozone 9 in WL Inspector crashes


I am using Ozone 9 as a plugin in a montage on each Clip and for most part it works fine, but on some clips I get the following result:

  • I add Ozone as plugin on clips in the montage
  • I configure Ozone 9 to use the Master Assistant and start to play clip
  • On som clips the Master Assistant in OZ9 only reaches the second step “Setting EQ…” and then WL freezes, no sound and then WL crashes

Sometimes it works again if I reload the plugin and start all over again, but not always.
Anyone else having the same problem?

I have contacted Izotope regarding this issue but no reply yet.
I had similar problems with Ozone 8 but according to Izotope Ozone 9 should be compatible with WL 10, right?


Use Ozone sparingly… I just made this experience: I load WaveLab and a montage: about 150 MB of memory is allocated. Now I load Ozone 9… the allocated memory raises to 550 MB. I open yet another Ozone 9, the memory raises up to 840 MB.
IOW, each instance of Ozone uses twice more resources than WaveLab itself!


Thank you for the reply.

Yes, I noticed that it got slower and slower.
I’ll see if I can trim it somehow.


If you’re using Ozone Advanced, they have component plugins that don’t take up quite as much RAM… so you can do just the maximizer, or just the spatializer, etc. As PG says though, Ozone is pretty memory hungry.

Yes. I haven’t even tried to load the entire plugin in a few years. I think regardless of DAW, using the Advanced version of Ozone is key so that you can just load the modules needed to save on CPU stress.


Yes, I have tried to use only separate modules, such as the Maximizer etc, which seems to work much better.

I am currently in a stage where I’m trying out both WL 10 and Ozone 9 as much as I can, to see what works well and to get a good work flow.
Thats why all these questions, proposals and issues pop up! :slight_smile:

So it’s really great to have this forum for support and discussions.