[issue?]passing sustain signal to FL Studio as VSTi

as u can see on the attached img I’ve got two Nexus instances, first has been added to Cubase directly the second one has been added to an FL Studio which has been added to Cubase as VSTi, the big question why I can apply/send the sustain control signal - by pressing the pedal - only to the first instance ( i even can’t see the signal in the monitor in the second case), help, and thx :slight_smile:

same issue with V-Stack too, and seems it’s not my special case > http://en.audiofanzine.com/virtual-rack-host-for-plug-in/steinberg/V-Stack/user_reviews/

Most instruments do not rpondent sustain pedals!
It’s been a week since I try to have a reply from Steinberg, calm …