ISSUE: PAYPAL: Payment denied


Fellow Steinberg users, dear Steinberg, I think you should know this,
especially, when you´re using Paypal for your transactions.


Is this the Trump effect kicking in already?



Certainly, the payment for Max 7 went through without problems.

The images suggest, to me, that something is up with your specific account. Have you tried CALLING Paypal directly to check what’s up? If so, what was their response?

I called them. At the second call I was told, that my reference page. contains the word Cubase, which is on the US sanctions list and for that reason I am being “checked”.

Still, it does not explain, why the Max 7 payment wasn" t seen as a problem and was accepted instantly, while the Cubase purchases (and since yesterday also NI purchases) are “pending”.

Lol… “Cuba” ? :stuck_out_tongue:

As for “native instruments” this might be the “native”

Type: Vessel List: Non-SDN
Vessel Name: NATIVE LAND Program: IRAN
Call Sign: T2DP4 Vessel Flag: Tanzania
Tonnage: 298732 Vessel Type: Crude Oil Tanker
Gross Registered Tonnage: 156809 Vessel Owner:


Sucks to be you… Lol (not literally;) ) (under such strict strictness) -> not as strict as the cubase forum, but prolly still a pain in the a$$ :stuck_out_tongue:

Im sure that your purchases will clear in due time…:wink:

Edit: loool! See? I was censored for paraphrasing : pain in the donkey… lol… Ateeeeeen-hut!