[issue] playback hanging


I have a annoying issue with Cubase 6.5.4: (I use Eastwest quantum leap Symphonic orchestra VST and Symphonic choirs VST plugin)


  • New / Open project
  • while loading VST plugins, i get dialogs psychical memory is getting low. (but often no problems with loading, sometines VSTbridge connection lost problem)
  • Composing /editing song
  • Hit playback to listen the song

while playback, it sometimes hangs, repeating the last 1,5 seconds playback several times, then getting a short CPU overload with a short “crack” sound, then continue playback.

Sometimes C6.5.4 just running fine without the problem, but sometimes the problem occur very often, very annoying by listening a long track.

What can i do to reduce or solve this problem?

PC specs:
BTO Notebook
Win7 64 bit
Intel core I7 2720 quad 2,2 ghz
Nvidia Gforce 550 1,5 GB graphics
128 GB SSD (where C6.5 and VST plugins is installed)
640 GB 5400 rpm external HDD (where the samples files of the VST is installed)


Why are you using 32-bit version of Play engine in the 64-bit Cubase? If you will use 64-bit version of Play, it will note use VSTbridge, and you should have problem with memory, in my opinion.