[issue] PLE can't generate VSTi names properly?

I started to set up a little template with 1 instance of HSSE in the VSTi Rack and 16 MIDI Tracks.
I also wanted to have separate outputs so int the VSTi Rack I enabled all of the 16 outputs for HSSE.

Then I used the Project Logical Editor to generate the names for the MIDI tracks from “MIDI 01” … “MIDI 16” to “HSSE 1” … “HSSE 16”. BOOOM! No problem :sunglasses:

However when I tried to do the same with the names for the HALion Sonic SE the PLE started to cough, and instead of generating names with all the numbers 1-16 it generated every second number starting with whatever I specified.

If it looks like a bug, smells like a bug … then we call it an issue.

Could somebody waste some time on confirming this, please? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Now back to the old way of renaming tracks by hand! :astonished: :unamused: :laughing: