[ISSUE]Problems scrolling UP and DOWN in the mixer-page view

Windows 7 Ultimate x64, NVIDIA, INTEL I7, 12core, 32GB RAM. Kensington Slimblade Trackball. Same bug on Cubase PRO 8.0.5 , Cubase PRO 8.0.0

Seriously problems scrolling UP and DOWN with help of the mouse scroll wheel in the mixer-page view.

Especially this bug happen over the Channel Strip section. Sometimes it stop working completely in the mixer view?
All other scrolling sections like in the arrangement window, left to right channels in mixer-page etc. works perfectly in Cubase PRO 8. Its only on the mixer-page middle section their —> Sends, Insert and Channel Strip section are located to. This happen most frequently when trying to navigate over the Channel Strip section.

Work around: Hover the mouse between the channels —|--- help getting back the scrolling functionality again.

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HAVE NOT BEEN SOLVED! Still same issues in 8.0.10 maintenance update.

And confirmed on a new Windows 8.1x64 DELL laptop too. Why moved it to Misc?

I don’t know. No repro maybe?

Hi Steve.

Have you tried hovering over the mixer page anywhere with the mouse. Do it always scroll up and down no matter what were you have the mouse pointer? Like the same normal behavior as here on this webpage.

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