Issue Pull up cubasis loop playback of any sequencer app


Ioop playback in cubasis ,After repeated several times ,pull ups of any internal metronome app or external metronome device or sequencer apps , for example after 20 or 30 time repeat.
i adjust tempo in 100 ,and I create 2 measure drum notes in cubasis ,active lopp locators,and i want every time edit or add or delete notes of it ,and i want to loop them ,and with arpeggist app that I adjusted it’s tempo on 100 too , play chord rhythm or Arpeggios . But ,After repeated several times ,cubasis pull ups of arpeggist app and they are unequal metronome pulses together. And cubasis pull ups.
I tried this work with another apps together,for example arpeggist app with auriapro app ,but they havent this problem with them.

Thanks و


Hi Pejman,

IAA beat sync will be improved with the next Cubasis update.
Would guess things will work better with Arpeggist same way then.


But i don’t use or need IAA for this work . I use many arpeggiators and sequencers for send midi note of them to cubasis , no audio .
I know that There is IA option for syncing cubasis to another midi apps , for send and receive midi data . but some of the midi apps there aren’t in the list of cubasis IA . ore don’t support with IA option , for example , cream mobile app ,mitosynth app , auriapro app . And some another’s of the midi apps.
And I prefer that send ore receive midi data without IA , in many cases.
So may solve this problem ( issue pull up cubasis loop playback of any sequencer app ) without need or use, IA or IAA ?