Issue & question about multiple output channels

Setup is for Dimension Brass, with Open and Muted versions on neigbouring output channels.

Issue: playback is routing to muted instances, when muted has not been indicated. Placing an Open playing technique on a subsequent note corrects this, but placing it on the first note of a flow does not.

Now, even more bizarrely, after I changed the order in XP map Init so that channel 1 goes before channel 0, I find that the first chord goes to channel 0, then the second & third chord goes to channel 1. On repeat, the same pattern.

Question on exporting MIDI – what should I expect regarding assigned channels in the resulting MIDI file?

As far as MIDI export is concerned, you should see that notes are exported with the same channels that are used for playback. Obviously you will be missing things like ports, etc., as these don’t translate into MIDI files, but the channel numbers should be correct.

OK they seem to be as you say – I raised this because I’ve noticed in the past that single-channel staffs sometimes exported events to multiple channels (usually two, neither of them the expected one).

Looking at the current project’s MIDI data, though, I see that notes are being routed to the Con Sord. channel seemingly at random. I’m happy to upload files if it would help.

I don’t have access to any of the libraries you’re using, so if you’d like me to look into it, please make it as easy as possible for me. Specifically, upload a project with a single instrument and only as many bars as are required to reproduce the problem, ideally just one or two.

OK, I’ll have to think about how to do that.

@dspreadbury, I have worked away at this and mostly resolved it.

What makes Dimension products unusual is that as well as switching between… lets call them colours… open/mute (brass) or open/mute/sul tasto/sul pont (strings) – which the multi-channel setup solves – they switch between solo/desk/group/tutti.

I was trying to manage this by sending all commands to all channels as they arose, with variants appropriate to each colour (open variants generally have more subtleties available, such as types of vibrato).


Simplifying, and instead creating concatenated expressions to handle colour in appropriate contexts, has largely solved the unexpected channel switching. The remaining problem seems to resolve to a question of implementation order.

For example, here is a switch from solo to group, and a simultaneous change of colour.

I enter the expression marks in order of implementation. Senza sord changes to rel. chan. 0, then Group 1 changes from solo to 4 players, then non vib. sets a character specific to the open variant. Notice that the Active Techniques pop-up lists these in a different order.

The question now is: How does Dorico determine the order of implementation, and can the user influence that order?

I don’t think there is a way to influence the order in which the playback techniques are added or removed, and indeed the order is not meant to be significant. Rather it is the specific combination of which playback techniques are requested that is being relied upon, so my recommendation would be to ensure that your expression map provides all of the combinations you need, and then it should always be deterministic which playback technique combination will be used for any given passage.

OK Daniel, thanks.