[ISSUE] RAM gradually going up

I am working with friend on a project and he uses Cubase 5 and I use Cubase 8 Pro. I have noticed something weird, if I put audio files directly into channels and especially .rex files, the RAM usage is gradually going up, even though I use only 4 channels only with rex., that is the only channels in the project actually. I let them play without any insert or send effects and I notice the ram going up from 2.6 GB to 4.6 when Cubase 8 PRO 32 bit crashes.

I thought it can be a setting so I removed the auto detection of hit points, also tried disabling asio guard, trying different settings of asio guard, tried with removed multi processor support with no result at all, so I wrote to the support and one kindly helped me and gave me link to the old Cubase 5. After I opened the project there, it was all normal, the RAM didn’t go up even with the rest of the channels and vst fully loaded. I decided to save it and try it again, thinking it could be a bad saved project-no dice, the ram still goes up in my Cubase 8 PRO.

Step three was to test all other possible versions until mine, everything after Cubase 5 ( without any updates, the version I was given link to is does the weird RAM thing. Please please please test this and if there is a memory leak or something patch it with the next version.

Thank you in advance !

P.S. Here is a video of the problem in action!


I have sent you an e-mail with details regarding your issue. Using several REX files in a 32-Bit application will leave you out of RAM once the 4GB limitation has been reached. At this point, the rest of the memory will start to dump to the disk, which is also being used for reading/writing into tracks. Furthermore, Cubase 5 is lighter than Pro 8 in 32-Bit because of its smaller complexity.

I don’t think this explains it, only if there is a option to scan constantly for hit points or anything on the wave files can explain it, a function that does something to the audio files constantly. However heavy CUBASE 8 is, you can see that using the files at first place has a normal RAM usage, also it only builds up if you play the project, when loading a sample even if it loads into the ram, could not use more ram than the file itself, just can’t, I am not using more than this few audio channels, which are not more than 50 mb at MAX! Not anything special going on, not any insert or send effects doing anything on the samples. Nothing explains this 3 GB of usage using this few samples. Not even some heavy sampler banks, that use more than 3 gb per instrument does that, it only takes whatever RAM it needs then you can play it, in my case RAM is constantly going up.