Issue recording with Cubase AI & Windows 10

This may be a dumb question…

I recently purchased the UR22mkII and got everything installed and configured properly. All is well, but I’m having an issue recording instruments thru the audio interface. I’ve been adding track->instrument and then selecting the Steinberg UR22mkII as my input routing, but I’m not getting any signal to show up for recording. Any ideas? I’ve record enabled the track too. Am I missing something? I’m a long time Pro Tools user that has made the switch to Cubase because I got fed up Avid’s ridicously pricing on software. So I am somewhat familiar with the Cubase GUI. It’s just going to be a bit of a learning curve to get all the shortcuts down. Any tips would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

A Cubase “instrument track” is not a track for an instrument being recorded through you soundcard´s audio connection, but is for VST instruments, that´s why it shows a MIDI input, not an audio input. More info on each Track type is easily found in the manual.

Gotcha. Makes sense. I’ll check the full manual today. Thanks for the info!