Issue regarding product activation (LE8 Student to Elements 9)

Hi guys,

I bought the Cubase Elements 9 Upgrade from Cubase LE, AI, Essential or Sequel yesterday. I have a Student license for Cubase LE AI Elements 8 (shows up as Cubase LE 8 Student in the eLicenser Control Center). I figured I’d be able to upgrade from here, but it seems I can’t. When I enter the activation code in the eLIcenser, it says “Currently there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license. Please connect an USB eLicenser which holds an appropriate upgrade license, to your computer.” I think it’s not actually possible to upgrade from a student license but can’t find any information about that.

I already contacted support but I thought I might as well ask here as well. Any help is appreciated.


No one that can help me out? I’ve contacted Steinberg but they haven’t responded in 10 days now…

I’m going to make a guess because I don’t believe an EDU licence is available for free OEM “bundled” Cubase versions (AI/LE). You most likely have an EDU licence for Elements 8, in which case you purchased the wrong product. You would need the “Update from Cubase Elements 6/7/8”, which is actually less expensive.

Thanks for the insights! I’ll try that. I do hope Steinberg will still respond to my support request and will refund the original purchase. In any case, thanks for the help.

If you purchased through the Steinberg online shop you will most likely need to contact AskNet. Hopefully they can make an exchange and refund the difference.

Thanks for that. I contacted them for the refund and purchased the other (cheaper) upgrade. However, I still get the same error. Any ideas? I attached a screenshot of my licenses. Thanks

I wish I would have seen those images earlier. I definitely wouldn’t have suggested the update from Elements. Now I’m completely lost. I’ve never heard of an LE Student licence. I was under the impression that only Full software versions were available as EDU licences. Was this some sort of free Cubase/WaveLab package you acquired through a school? In any case, I’m afraid I might have misled you (I did start by saying “I’m going to make a guess …”). I’m sorry, and I hope you get a response from Steinberg.

No worries, I appreciate the help. I’ll wait for a response from Steinberg. Yes, this was a package I’ve acquired through my school, I wasn’t really aware of what that meant for upgrading. I can always refund both deals.