Issue Registering Cubase AI4

First off, sorry if this is the wrong place to be posting this question. I have a very old XP box with a Cubase AI 4 license stored within a Soft e-Licenser. I’m trying to register this in my Steinberg account so I can transfer it to a new machine and also qualify for the upgrade to Cubase AI 10.5 but I’m getting a message saying that the soft e-licenser number has already been used. I’m totally confused ! There’s no sign of it in my account - I have Cubase 4 and 4 LE listed on my account, but no AI 4. How is it possible that someone else has registered my soft e-Licenser number to their account? I’m thinking at this stage there’s probably nothing I can do about it.


Did you use other email address by any chance?

Get in contact with your local Steinberg distributor/technical support. They can find the MySteinberg account by the Activation Code.

@Martin.Jirsak Thanks Martin - that did occur to me but I’ve tried all my other email addresses, at least all the ones I can remember. I’ll try Tech Support. It’s so frustrating - I can see the license right in front of me but can’t do anything with it. If I try to move it from the Soft e-licenser to my USB dongle I get an error message saying the software is out of date. I’ve updated to the latest version I can find that will still run on XP. Still no joy. See attachments.