ISSUE: rendering when pressing Enter (return) does not work properly

I set up rendering (audio export) by clicking on the Enter. It works for a while, but then an error occurs and when clicking on the Enter, the export does not occur, but the last active vst opens. This can be seen in the video.
And Cubase closes with an error when closing the program, as a result.



It’s known that assigning the Enter and Return keys to Key Commands in Cubase can lead to unexpected actions. The reason for this is that these keys are mandatorily used in many places to select or accept values. This can lead to conflicts under certain circumstances. So I’d advise against assigning these keys to Key Commands at all.

Thank you. This is all understandable, of course. That’s why I wrote that it’s a bug, not a conflict, because assigning new keys should cancel this action for tasks before this assignment. I assigned “enter” because I save a huge number of files a day and perform a routine, like: double-click on the file name to correct, correct (give a new file name), press enter, take the mouse, press export, I just don’t have time and it’s a chore every time.

I agree with you that it’s a bug and hope that Steinberg will find a solution for it soon.