Issue Report HALion(Sonic) 7.0.0 - 7.0.20

New in Version 7.0.20:

Graphical Errors:
Starting H/HS with activated d2dfix (= fix for graphical errors) leads to a crash. Deactivating d2dfix leads to graphical errors (as shown below).

Pulldown Menu Behaviour:
Bug or “feature”? Now you need 2 clicks to select a menu item: the first one only opens the menu, then you have to release the mouse button and click again to select the item. It is common practice in GUIs (also in HALion until 7.0.10) , that you click-open a menu and release the mouse button over the desired item (=“pulldown”). Why are common things like this getting changed unnecessarily? What is the benefit?

Since Version 7.0.0:

Random Crashes:
Occasional crashes when closing H7 standalone and then opening HS7 standalone, replacing a preset while opened in Designer, etc.
After quitting standalone version, Windows Task Manager sometimes shows H/HS continue running as background task. So the ASIO driver is not getting released and I have to restart the PC.
Freezedump-Files with 0 bytes size often appear in the Steinberg/CrashDumps folder.

Macro Designer / Envelope Controls:
The focussed node frame is always painted in ugly pink (as shown below) because of misinterpreted Envelope elements:
“FrameFocus” fills selected node instead of defining frame color
“FillSelected” is ignored instead of defining filling color

Macro Designer / Internal Script Editor:
Macropage with embedded UI script (no external file): each save/reload adds a space character at the end of each code line

Macro Pages / Curve Editor:
ValX/ValY/Curve readouts don’t work (see vstpreset “init basic controls dl halion 7”).
Curve Editor scope loses focus after deleting/inserting layers via script.

Macro Pages:
Envelopes, Grids, Menu Controls controls steal hover focus even of higher level elements (e.g. a hover button on top of a grid control).

FM Zone:
Muted or detached FM Operators still fully consume CPU. This means, a 1-operator FM Sound consumes the same CPU power as an 8-operator FM Sound!!!

HalionSonic File Browser:
Docked browser doesn’t remember size and divider position after closing and reopening.
Undocked browser appears at different positions after closing and reopening.
“Program”-Tab , click “load layer”: loaded layer preset replaces the whole program instead of the selected layer.

None of the mentioned issues occured under HALion 6!
(System: Windows 10 22H2, Intel I3, Intel HD Graphics)

Env Node Color

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A lot of effort on the report, but no response… has anyone from the Steinberg team noticed this? Is there a more direct way to report issues (via ticket)?

The d2dfix described is a registry entry provided by Steinberg. Is it no longer supported?

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