[ISSUE] Right Sound, Wrong Image

Hello All,

Does anyone know how to get Nuendo to display the proper image for a file? I have several files displaying the wrong image to the actual sound being heard. I attempted to delete the image folder, in hopes that Nuendo would draw the proper image. It still recreated the wrong image. I have also attempted to exit and reopen Nuendo. Is anyone else having this problem?

Workaround: (Although not acceptable for my workflow) If I use the Bounce Selection tool, it will redraw the proper image.

I haven’t heard anything on this forum, so I just decided to reinstall the drivers for my GFX card.

I’ve experienced this quite a lot because of offline plugins editions crashes (iZotope most of the time).

My solution has always been to throw away the .csh file. When nuendo recreates it, images are updated.

Thanks, I will definitely try this next time I experience this issue.