[ISSUE] Roomworks not working in surround on 6.5.35

Roomworks is not working in surround on 6.5.35, Mac OSX 10.7.5

Create a new project,
Create a new track with 5.1 bus output.
Insert Roomworks as insert 1.
Roomworks shows routing as “Quadro”, can’t be changed, does not output any reverb at all, just direct signal.

No working surround reverb in Nuendo?


Mac o

I noticed the same thing. Got Phoenix on sale. Fantastic.

Has no one listed this as a known issue? Yet another non-listed known issue? I am going to change the header of this topic now.

According to what i’ve seen since Nuendo 5.5, Roomworks and Roomworks SE are stereo or quadro only reverbs.

Not 5.0 or LCR reverbs.

I did check it again inside Nuendo 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5 and got the same results : stereo or quadro modes only inside a 5.1 channel. Same result if the reverb is on a FX channel.

Reverence reverb is ok in 5.1 and LCR modes but miss some settings for surround adjustments.

You could use Altiverb as well (expensive but 5.1 support and SR over 96 Khz support).


I do have Altiverb, but for a good, bright, expansive but lively plate sound, I actually find Roomworks is a better fit. Especially if I double it with the darker, more realistically roomy sound of Altiverb. And the plate algorithms in Altiverb are wonky. Roomworks is a really good reverb… I wish it worked as described.

Yes the manual says that it does support surround formats :

From the plug-in manual :

RoomWorks is a highly adjustable reverb plug-in for creating realistic room
ambiance and reverb effects in stereo and surround formats. The CPU usage is
adjustable to fit the needs of any system. From short room reflections to
cavern-sized reverb, this plug-in delivers high quality reverberation.

Did you try the Bricasti impulses with Altiverb ?