Issue: routing bug in Cubase 10.5?

Very strange: I have several groups in my template that all end up in the mix group, which I call sMix.
I have a template that I start from and everything works as expected.

Now, I record the mix to a track, named “songname_mix1”. I select sMix as input and record the mix in real time as I use hardware inserts.
However, if I delete the “songname_mix1” track (which I did accidentally) and recreate it (just add a new stereo track) I cannot select sMix as the input anymore.
I actually can in the “create track” window, but is shows up in the editor with my first audio input channel as the input. If I then try to select from the groups the sMix group, it’s not there!

There seems to be some rules with the routing that create this situation. It is really annoying. I looked at the forum and have found somewhat related issues, but the answers I found did not help me.
Any ideas here?

Dirk Brouns
Studio Maasland

Found it! As mentioned elsewhere on the forum, the fact that my sends connections where automatically loaded, created the potential feedback loop which I assume Cubase prevents.
After deleting the unused sends in the audio track I record my final mix to, problem is solved.

Exactly this happened… I have to deal with it as well