Issue Routing to LFE in Surround Panner

Hello all!

I’m working with a client that is requiring a 5.1 deliverable and am having trouble with the LFE channel in Cubase 11 pro and am looking for some guidance. In this example, I’m unable to route stereo foley content to an LFE channel, even when adjusting the surround panner LFE encoder.

The output for all of these tracks are set to my 5.1 output and all outputs are all confirmed to be patched properly and working. I have confirmed that the LFE patching is correct by putting a Waves UM225 on the channel which spreads content across your surround channels and I see information on my output LFE channel and hear it through my sub. However, when I remove the upmix plugin and I adjust the encoder for the LFE in the surround panner, no signal is sent to the output of the LFE channel and nothing shows on the LFE output metering within the panner. I do however see information on the C, SL and SR channels when panning.

I feel like there is probably something very rudimentary that I’m missing. Any help would be much appreciated!