[Issue] Sample and Audio Part Editors wheel zoom broken

I am unable to use my MC Transport or MC Control wheels to zoom in/out when in the Audio Part or Sample Editors anymore. Works fine in N5.x. Anyone else have this trouble? Still on Eucon 2.7.1 as 3.0 seems to be causing problems for lots of users. John.

This is a serious and continuing problem. Steinberg knows about it; was hoping it would be fixed in the .06 update, but it’s not in the list of resolved problems… so… :question:


That’s no good. Timo, any news on this? john.

Yes this was only five days ago but Timo, can we get info on this? Is there a plan to fix the zoom wheel functionality? It’s a disturbing workflow interruption in all three of our rooms. Thanks, John.

I would also very much like to know what is in the works for this.


Good news, I upgraded Eucon to 3.0 and the scroll wheel functionality is back. So far 3.0 is running fine, fingers will remain crossed for a bit though! john.

Praise the Lord. I’m assuming you’ve updated to .06-- I am running EuCon 3.0 on .05, but it did not change anything. Am out of town, so won’t be able to update my Nuendo until tomorrow…

Something to look forward to!


Chewy, yes, .06. Still working fine! john.

6.06 with Eucon 3.0 took care of it. Wheel working on all edit windows.

Yes, it is! What a relief.

Now, while we’re on the subject… is anybody having trouble keeping the “zoom horizontal” locked between launches of Nuendo? Previous versions it stayed set (was there a EuControl setting for this?). Now I can’t seem to make it happen.

This isn’t specific to the N .06 update; it started happening for me when I updated to EuCon 3.0.