Issue: Sampler track weirdness

I opened a project I started a couple weeks ago to add percussion to it using a sampler track. I dragged an aiff sample into it from the Mediabay but it looked a bit strange (single shot sample shown twice, etc). When I played the sample with C3, the sampler seemed to be scanning the sample at different speeds for each beat.
I restarted the machine and my audio interface but the problem persists.
I can drag an audio sample into an audio track and it works fine.
All my sampler tracks now have this issue.
The only thing on my system that has changed was patch Tuesday.
Any ideas?

More info:
Clearing preferences does not help.
Reinstalling Cubase 13 does not help.
Projects created in Cubase 12 do not exhibit the problem and Cubase 12 continues to work without apparent issue.
However, the symptom persists when loading a Cubase 13 project into Cubase 12.
This is starting to look like a data corruption issue.


Is the Sample Track using the C3 as the Root Key?

Could you please attach a screenshot? Maybe we will see/notice something.


It sounds like the scrubbing tool is being dragged over the sample at various speeds.

I think the update 13.0.20 update might have fixed it. Had to recreate the tracks that were acting up but the samples seem to be playing back OK once I did that.