Issue: Scale Event Can't Be Edited

Hi. In Cubase 13.0.2 (Windows 10) I’m noticing I cannot edit a scale event.

After I added a Chord Track and drew in a few chord events, I noticed the automatically created scale event at at the start of the track was incorrect. I double-clicked to edit it and got the little keyboard display, seemingly offering me the chance to do the edit. However, the little keyboard display in fact did nothing when I attempted to change the root note or scale.

Cubase 13 - Scale Event Won't Edit 01


Isn’t the scale generated automatically from the chords?

It’s the same here. Cubase creates a scale event that is non-editable, where it seems to guess which scale I’m using based on the chords in the progression. From my perspective there are at least two problems with this: Cubase can’t possibly know which of several possible scales I am using based on only one chord, and: I would like to be able to transpose my chord progression by changing the root note in the chord track. That doesn’t seem to be possible here. Am I missing something?

Turn off automatic scaling :smiley:

Make sure Automatic Scales is not activated