Issue: 'Select Events Under Cursor' command inconsistent on Event Ends (Zoom level dependent)

This has been like this for a very long time, it is intermittent/not a consistent problem so it can be hard to recreate.

It’s very problematic when trying to create macros/PLEs that behave consistently.

The inconsistency is specifically on Event Ends.

You can see on the first set of events, it selects both the top event and bottom event

and on the second set of events it does not.


I’ve discovered the problem is dependent on zoom. Or more specifically, the inconsistency is a cross variable between Zoom and placement of event on grid.

You can see even when fully zoomed in, it does not work, and then mouse-wheeling one zoom-out tick it works

@Martin.Jirsak do you by any chance know what Steinbergs intended protocol is here, ie, are Event Ends suppose to be grabbed by this command, or are they supposed to be ignored?

Please fix this is 10.5 if possible!

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@registered you also have this problem?

on a side note, I tried making the cursor width wider but it made no difference.