ISSUE: SET LIST : erasing song from setlist leave appended last audio track active in background

Difficult to explain what happened, but this bug it makes the program unusable, and i need to restart.
It’s an issue when you erase a song from the third column (the list active).
THe sound of the track (supposing we have a backing track), remain over any new song you play. (ghost?)
(HAPPENED IN version 1.2.2, because affected of bug “erasing part”, and i rolled back).

do this:

1 -A setlist with more songs. (with an audio track that play)
2 -Put new setlist
3-erase with the “-” MOST OF THE SONG, ON THE THIRD COLUMN ( if you erase in sync from the main windows, no problem)(we suppose are played, we want to clean this list and add others).
4 - add some new songs draggin from second column to third
5 - play a song, (doesn’t matter if a song have or not any audio TRACK, just to check.)

It mean that, the audio track of the previous erased song, doesn’t appear but you can listening OVER the current song, when you press play.

You can do any, recall the list, sync or not…, purge history, panic button, but it’s the same.

the issue is the effect of button: “-”, on the third coloumn ofthe window SETLIST.
Last Track of previuos song is append, as a “ghost” into the player.

I hope to be clear,it happened during the live today, and it was not good for me. (REMEMBER I NEED TO ADD SONG ON THE FLY DURING THE SHOW.).

Thanks for support.

Tried to reproduce, but to no avail.
First, there used to be a very similar bug with 1.2, try latest version on
Then, pls try to be even more detailed. I made a setlist with 4 Songs, all with audio tracks using New in setlist editor (sync is off all the time). Then I played the last Song, and while playing, removed the last Song (that is actually playing) from the new setlist. Then “Activate”, and none of the multiple audio tracks of the removed Song still play regardless what I do.
If you can still reproduce it that way, pls. include even the smallest of steps in your description. When did you activate the playlist, when did you start or stop transport, which Song was selected in the playlist at any time etc.

Hi Musicullum, thanks for your attention.

I mean not during play, but in stop mode.
Erase the songs into the setlist (third coloumn, with the “-” symbol)
Then add new songs
press activate to the list (if you don’t use sync, but i supposed to sync on)
then come back to main windows, chose a song and hit play.

Then the Bugs come in.
I try to make a little movie and post a wetransfer link…

here you can download a short video screen, of the bug, i made now on the fly.
we transfer (tmp link, you can download for 6 days only)

P.s: I WATCHED again my video, in the last part, when i add a long list again, that contain all the songs, the song “Africa” i used to example is HIGHLITED WITH the “DEF SONG”:

TWO SONG IS HIGHLITED= mean selected, confirm the strange situation.

Have your video, thanks, will check later. It’s not that we don’t beleive you, but so far still cannot reproduce. Again, make sure to use the latest version, as we have fixed a similar bug already.

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NEW TEST WITH 1.2.4., just update, with a fresh copy of the project.
STILL BUG, but i discovered when it happen, and the workaround, but you have to fix it, please.

As I did in my movie, it happen only in SYNC MODE, instead without sync works without this bug.

Then, to restore the bug, i have to recall a TOTAL LIST that contain the previous “ghost” and “remain highlited” (pay attention the song remain highlited with the other selected), with sync activated , and launch the PRELOAD PART.

In this case, preload the audio again (i suppose) restore the normal condition.
Keep in mind, i tried to preload the short list (without that last song erased) but you have to load a list with that song, in order to refresh the preload audio.

I tried more times.

I think that auto preload, (if selected) must be triggered any time i activate a setlist, in order to avoid click problem.

Hope to help to find solution, best regards.

Will check again with your new hints.

Could finally reproduce it, will be fixed with the next version. Thank you so much for helping!

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nice! thank a lot.