Issue: short pause on turning off cycle mode

A minor issue. One of my songs has a section at the end where it cycles while the band jams with the backing (audio tracks – drums and strings). When we have had enough, I click off the cycle button on the transport bar to end the song. Since the last update this works well except that there is a short pause in the audible output on switching off the cycle button. This does not happen in Cubase, so I don’t think it is my hardware. Does anyone have a bypass for this, or is it possible to fix please?

There should not be, unless you are too close to the cycle end and the system is aready prepared to jump back. I cannot reproduce it with the upcoming version, pls. try again then.

Thanks for this - I’ll try switching off the cycle button earlier in the loop and see what that does. Have you got a planned date for the upcoming version please?

… middle of December,

This was a pretty tough nut to crack, in some situations this would still apply. Fixed with the new version. Thanks for reporting!

Brilliant! Thank you very much.