{issue}"ski remote initializing" " hangs on Cubase startup

all of a sudden without apparent reason when starting up cubase 7.5, cubase hangs on “ski initializing” and cubase no response status on task manager…
i restarted the computer, uninstall and install ski again. did some Reg cleaning. nothing helps !
any ideas how to solve this ?
(win 7 64bit C7.5 64bit latest ski download)

The same here on the link.

Please update us with answers about this…
thanks !

I have exact same problem!

whats going on? :frowning:

well… now it works !! i dont really know what have changed…!
one thing i have noticed, this time it warned me that the SKI license is going to expire in 30 min on C7.5 startup… :exclamation: ( i dont know why there was any expired programs, i have full licenses from steinberg,and it gave me strange message later, your Cubase 7 license has been expired !!)

anyway,i was able to use cubase with ic pro, after an hour i quit cubase, made maintenance on elicenser, now cubase start up normally with SKI Remote.
so maybe its something related to bad licensing? i dont see it now on elicenser anyway now that all works :nerd: go figure.

hope it stays O.K