Issue: Slots don't take the Track Color

I just got Cubase 13 and it seems to look very good so far. But i think, that they forgot to include insert/send etc. slots in the coloring scheme, because they just stay gray, like in the pictures.

I use: Windows 10, Cubase 13

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Same as Routing and Pre and all tabs headers. To me it looks like “by design”, if it’s the same for all.

The colouring of the parts of the channel has a reason.
The insert slots indicate pre- or post-state with its colour, the same is with the sends and cue sends.
Every part of the channel has its own colour.

Hi, sorry if i wasn’t clear. I mean the slots before intersing something. I am aware of those color codings, but if there is nothing inserted in an insert slot, it is just dark grey while the rest is colored. In cubase 12 it was colored as the track color wich looked way cleaner in my opinion.

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The background is still coloured.

I dare say it is not the missing colouring but the increased contrast between the slots and their surrounding.
I find Cubase 12 to be easier on the eye in this regard.
Same applies to the fader section.