[ISSUE] Slow, Odd and Unresponsive UI

Hi there,

I’ve recently installed Nuendo 6 on a new laptop with ample specs for light audio work (SSD, 8gb RAM, 2.4ghz quad core etc). However it seems to have some issues with the UI, specifically in the Channel Settings, Mixer and Channel list on the left of the main arrange window.

In Channel Settings, the EQ visualiser only updates if I click and drag on an EQ point. It updates itself depending on how fast I move the mouse. If I don’t click and drag it remains blank even if audio is playing. Similarly if I mouse over an EQ point it will update the visualiser, and shaking the mouse over the point updates it to the extent that it seems normal.

The same visual update stuff happens in the mixer window. If I click on “Sends” I have to hit F3 twice to close and re-open the Mixer console, otherwise the Sends don’t appear. Same with all the other Racks.

Oddly enough the meters themselves are fine so it’s still usable, it’s just a total pain in the ass :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve not seen this problem crop up before so my first thought was that it could be a video driver issue, but I don’t see how that would cause the issues I’ve been having. Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated.