Issue: Snap points not showing in Sample Editor

No snap points are showing in the Sample editor on any audio files in my project. Anyone else had this happen? ‘Show Clips and Events’

is selected on the toolbar but I have no snap points and ‘Snap Points to cursor’ does nothing! Makes editing recordings made in free-time very difficult!! Also no event start or end marker is shown as it did in Cubase Pro 11. Or is it just me?

Snap Point and Event markers seem to show up ok for me (on Win10 21H2):

As an outside shot, have you tried to toggle your settings to “Show Clips” and then back to “Show Events” and/or “Show Clips and Events”? Over the decades in troubleshooting and weird bugs, toggling things back and forth has sometimes fixed things for me. :slight_smile:

p.s. Your chances of getting timely responses go up by quite a bit, if you specify the platform you’re using (Operating System and version). In this case I could deduce from your screen capture, that you’re using Windows, but couldn’t necessarily tell which version.

Thanks for your reply Nico5. Unfortunately I’d tried that and it didn’t work. I’ve been opening all sorts of older projects in Cubase Pro 12 and the same problem on all projects. Just started the program in SafeStart mode and they came back, so something in my preferences must have gone funky when imported to Cubase 12. Will have to rebuild them and see what happens :crossed_fingers:

Sorry, I thought signatures from the old forum would have been ported across (been a user since Cubase VST - before SX and should have known better about adding more platform details!). I’m on Windows 10 Pro 21H2 everything up to date, Intel i7 6850k, X99 Asus Deluxe II, Asus ROG GTX 1060 GPU.

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