[ISSUE]Snap Type last used is not remembered on opening

I searched for snap type and didn’t find this discussed here.

I work on a project that is all audio for a video edit, not a song.
I don’t use the grid since there is no tempo relative stuff.

So my favorite setting is Snap Type: Events and Cursor

this way I can snap to the cursor when it’s set to a picture frame
or I can take multiple tracks and snap them to a reference video mic track

but every time I boot up a project (not a new one, the same one I was working on a few minutes ago,
earlier that day, the day before, etc. ) the snap is always set to the default: Grid
which I never use.

so what’s up. In C7.5 I don’t remember that ever happening. Now I have one more thing to do every time I boot.
I love that C8 boots faster, but would love it even more if all the settings that were set to work from the last time,
were remembered and still setup that way.
I also tried creating a custom window setup and made it global but that didn’t do anything, it still defaults to GRID after booting up until I change it. It stays good only for the length of the session.

el profe

using Cubase since it’s introduction to America back in the 80’s at Glendale Civic Auditorium…in the Atari days…

I have the same problem on 8.0.20.

Not seeing it here - I just tried with a new empty project in 8.0.10 (have not updated to 8.0.20 yet)

I made just a couple of tracks (one audio, one midi); I made an empty midi part; I set the snap type as you state; I moved the cursor and then the part to see that it snapped to the cursor properly, wherever it was placed. All good.

I saved the project and then re-opened it and it came back exactly as I’d saved it… see sig for system detail.


[EDIT:- I have an update; there is definitely something going on here. As I saw above, you can save/close and re-open projects and they seem to retain whatever Snap Type you set. However, crucially I forgot to mention, this was whilst the Cubase app itself was still open. If you close down and re-launch Cubase, you’re back to square one - none of those ‘saved states’ in those projects are retained. ‘Grid’ is always the Snap Type set.

So, maybe I/we’ve missed something; is it stated somewhere that this setting should be saved per project…? Or not…? But if so, then why only whilst the app is open; the setting lost when the app is re-launched…? Its not behaving as a Global setting, since that would over-ride any subsequent projects saved state; I can repeatedly demonstrate that’s not the case, as long as the app remains open…

Just to mix it up even more, I wonder if there are differences/breakages between versions…? How was this at C7.5…? Is the OP still on C8.0.0 as in his sig…? I’m on 8.0.10 and someone else says the problem’s there with 8.0.20. Is it the same problem…?

This probably needs clear steps to repro and/or understanding of the manual and what to expect.]

So you are using a PC.

Perhaps this is a Mac Os thing?
I have updated my software to latest (8.0.30) and running Mac OS X(10).9.5

Still having this issue everytime I boot up the snap forgets the last time I set it.
This never happened until 8.

or is there a preset somewhere that has to be turned on
or a preference that needs to be tossed out
or another program/plugin (in some submenu of the system, library, etc., that is causing this

such a pain, especially when you forget the next time you boot and move a ton of things the first time
and it all snaps to a bar line when your working with unquantized live recordings for editing.
I commonly dump 24 or more tracks from live shows with no tempo tracks, click, etc. as they are for video shoots
and only coorespond to time code locations, not bars and beats…
so the only snap I commonly use is ‘Cursor and Events’.


el profe



Same problem (still) here. I just installed the latest update (8.5.10) hoping this problem will be gone, but nope. It also isn’t listed under “known issues”.

BTW, is there any way to write to Steinberg directly, instead of local distributor? Is the forum the only way to report bugs to them?