[ISSUE] Some Imported VST Connect HD Files Not Readable In RX

In my current project, some of the HD files, which play fine in Nuendo, cannot be loaded into iZotope RX. I get a message saying that something’s missing from the file (see attached pic). If I bounce the file in Nuendo it will then load-- that apparently fixes it. This has not happened with all of my HD imports–but enough of them to be troublesome. The downloaded files are apparently complete, audio-wise; when I bounce them and then import them into RX there’s nothing missing, and the lengths are accurate. This occurs in both RX7 and RX8 (use 7 for RX Connect, and 8 as standalone).

Any ideas? Anybody else experiencing this?


Thanks for the report. Pls try again with the next version, we improved some of the header information.

I will! Looking forward to it-- is it coming anytime soon?

I very much appreciate all of your work on this, and for the record, VST Connect made this project (difficult in any case, due to pandemics and tech experience–or lack thereof on the other side), actually doable. Thank you!


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It’s delayed again, but at least we are now into final testing. Can’t tell you a specific date, but it should be within the next weeks now.