issue speed pré click !!

Hi all !
At first, i’m sorry for my poore english (i’m french).

Since one week, i have a problem with the “pré_count” click.
When i turn on the pre_count click, that one is not at the same tempo than my project ! It’s too fast ! and when recording start (after 2 mesure of pre-count) … the tempo decrease !!! (for exemple when i’m in 120 bpm in project, the pre-count is about 130 bpm, …if my project is 90 bpm, the precount is about 100 bpm)…

I can’t understand that !

I don’t use tempo track…
I’ve check all options in the metronom editor… nothing.
All projects are concerned…
I’ve uninstalled cubase and reinstalled… nothing !
I am lost … :cry:

Cubase 10 pro (upgrade from artist 9.5 since 1 month)
Soundcard : SPL crimson
controller : M-audio Code 61


Does it happen in any project? At any place of any project? Do you use different Time Signatures in the project?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

So… I finally solved the problem with a restoration of windows to an anterior date… :astonished: