ISSUE: Spurious automation events

I’m not sure this is 100% right, as I distinctly recall “in-between” values being created for on/off states that aren’t 64 (i.e. midpoint of a 7 bit scale). If I find a free moment in the coming days, I’ll try to reproduce that behavior.

Either way, the point of all this is that I wish Cubase was smarter about creating automation points when moving/editing events. Right now, it creates a bunch of unnecessary duplicates that I have to manually clean up. More detail on this in the thread referenced below, and I made this particular post to point out those “in-between” on/off automation values that get created but make no sense since there’s only ON and OFF - so at the very least those extra automation points should be fully ON (127) or OFF (0) [if the underlying scale is 7 bit]. My guess is that the code uses the same (linear) interpolation math for automation values that actually use a 0-127 scale, but apply that same math to something that should be binary - hence these weird “in-between” automation points.