(ISSUE) Standart panner on Nuendo 6.0.6

L+R on 5.1 standart panner always plays with center when only Center is assigned.

Intel Core i5, windows 7 64 bits, M-audio 1010lt


Roberto Besser

Hi Roberto.
What do you mean exactly?
If only centre is assigned, then that is all you should hear output from…

I know, but it doesn’t happen. When I assign anytthing in the
Center with the standart panner, Left and right outputs.
Play too. Its weird, but it happens. Its very low…approximately - 60 db, bit it shouldn’t happen at all.



I would bet, that either “center”- or “front”-knob on surroundpanner is not set to 0%?

Everything is okay. When I change the panner to surround panner v5 or Animix, it works fine. Its a turnaround,I know, but I think it should be fixed.
This “Standart Panner” issue was confirmed by Steinbergs distributor in my country. Did you guys try it?

Roberto, you cannot assign a standard stereo panner to output from centre channel only.
Think about it…

I have to appologise. I´m not talking about stereo panner. I´m talking about 5.1 Surround Pan. One of the 3 choices of 5.1 panning ( Surround Pan, Surround Panner V5 and Animix Pro).
An example:
Open a 5.1 track with the “SurroundPan” ( 5.1) ". Assign it to the center and play any audio. You´ll see the center meter moving and very low, but there, left and Right meters moving. And in the final 5.1 mix the lef and Right signals are there.

Wow! You’re right!
Panning to the center just dimmed the signal with -60dB on L/R. When panning to the left, all speaker are dimmed to -00dB correctly.

Just checked it in N5.5. Same problem there.
Can somebody check in N4? When I remember right, all sessions coming from N4 open with the old standard panner in newer versions…?

I checked in Nuendo 4 and it works okay. And all 5.1 sessions imported from Nuendo 4 to Nuendo 6 have this problem. Its really annoying and I think it should be fixed.

That is because it is a different type of panner.
Easiest fix here is to simply mute L/R channels in the panner (Alt/Click on the speaker icon).
Job Done.
You’ll also notice that N5/6 opens with the older type panner, and it does not seem possible to port the settings to the new style - for me, that is the biggest problem.

Muting left and right doesn’t work for me. I use dozens of tracks that move in 5.1 range constantly. If I want to use only the center track, its better , and easier, to use a mono track assigned to a specified output. When I import a Nuendo 4 session, it comes with the older panner and I have to change all the panners. As I said, it’s really annoying. I jumped from Nuendo 4 to Nuendo 6 and all of the older sessions that I still use, open with the older panner. When you open a new session, it comes with the settings of the last session opened, so if you had another panner assigned, this panner will apear in the new created session.

And I forgot the worst part of this problem:
All surround automatation imported from Nuendo 4 only works correctly with the basic “Surround Pan” of new Nuendo versions. If you change the panner, you have to redo the automatation all over again.

No Lydiot…I didn´t .

I´ll take a look…thanks!

I checked :
Child busses

  • Center Distribution
  • Divergence Control
  • Scaling

and still the same problem.

Which panner are you using? The old surroundpan doesn´t have “width”. only the Surround Panner V5, and the problem is with the old panner. With the Surround Panner V5 works fine. And it has to be a mono channel assigned to the center only ( 3.1 or 5.1 outputs).

Thanks anyway.