[ISSUE] Super Slow Loading Times When Using MediaBay/Loop Browser/Preset Browser

Hey people! I have been having this issue for a very long time and have finally cracked and now I have to make this post. It is probably the single-most frustrating aspect of using Cubase in my experience.

Every time I load up the Loop Browser or the MediaBay and click on a folder on my computer in which I would like to audition some samples, Cubase sits there and ‘updates’ the folder’s contents, which always takes at least 5-10 seconds and sometimes can take a whole minute or even not do it at all, so I have to restart the program and try again.
My sample collection has been scanned once already (folders are marked in white in the folder-tree on the left) so why does Cubase rescan every single time I want to open it, and even then, why should it take so long to do when there are only a few audio files in the folder and I’m running on a fast machine? The issue also occurs when I search for a vst preset using Cubase’s built-in preset browser.

I have the Loop Browser set up to only show me Audio Files, with all other file types deselected. I’m running Cubase 11.0.10 on MacOS Catalina, but have had this issue on older versions of both Cubase and MacOS. My samples are on the internal SSD on my top-spec "16 2019 Macbook Pro, so shouldn’t be any issues there.

Has anyone had experience with this issue before? Any help will be hugely appreciated! Thanks!