[ISSUE] Surround Panner V5 Automation becomes unwritable

I’ve experienced this issue several times now with Nuendo 6.5.XX 64bits (I’m currently on 6.5.30) on OSX 10.8.5, working on a 5.1 session.

Some automation parameters won’t play after a while (open and close the session a few times). Even worse, I can’t edit it anymore, it becomes grey. I can still see my entry points but that’s it. And of course, it’s not read anymore.

The 2 parameters involved : Surround Panner V5 signal width and Surround Panner V5 Front-Rear Pan. You’ll see better with the screenshot I’ve attached. Do you have any clue ?
Capture d’écran 2015-04-01 à 23.21.10.png


it would help if you arm the automation ( R & W) on those tracks

cheers :wink:

Hey Audiomonkeys,

Of course it was already activated and I tried a lot of things before posting. I’ve been working on nuendo since 2003, so I’m not a newbie anymore :wink:

Well, the only solution is to close the session, reopen it and you can access it again. It seems that nuendo desactivates these automation parameters by itself to prevent any CPU peak or something.

Can a steinberg programmer confirm this hypothesis ?