[Issue?] Text overflow behaves oddly

Just getting into Dorico, having been impressed at the launch event, and knowing that this is the beginning rather than the end result.

I produce a fair few worksheets and handouts for classes and students and often put a large amount of text to explain what’s happening. Having just run through the process with some text, i’ve found that if there’s too much text for the text box it overflows in a manner that I wouldn’t have expected - the overflow goes out of the top of the text box, and in addition the bottom of the text isn’t visible, but some empty lines are. Two screenshots are attached - one is where the box is “full”, and the second has had a few lines of text added to it, leading to the unexpected behaviour, with the overflow out of the top of the box, and blank lines where the extra text would be expected.
overflow text 2.png
overflow text 1.png

Dorico does behave a little oddly when the text frame is insufficiently tall for the text content you’re trying to fit in there. Really, of course, it should be truncated at the bottom rather than overflowing the top of the frame. We will fix this as soon as we can. Thanks for the report.