[ISSUE]Time Display Shows Incorrect Value...


Use “Set timecode at Cursor”, enter a new time and set it.

Then undo this change

Result -

Any rulers showing timecode are not reverted back to showing the correct time.

See example -
Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 14.48.35.png
You can see that the time display box and the timecode ruler on the arrange page are out of sync with each other.

How do you mean, Undo? “Set timecode at Cursor” is not included in the Undo history list.

After you’ve entered your new timecode position you get the option to keep leave the audio at it’s current position or to move it. If you choose the wrong option by mistake you’d want to undo this change - this is where the error pops up.

Hm… I am not seeing exactly that- the Ruler is fine.

Looks like what’s happening is that the time display is not updating upon undo. It’s not out of sync though- once playback starts it the right time is displayed.

Here’s what this would look like in a Repro:

  1. New Project, MIDI track, MIDI part.
  2. Open a Time Display. (Devices menu)
  3. Move cursor somewhere so it’s not at zero
  4. Invoke “Set Timecode at Cursor”, enter 0 for the value, hit return,. and hit okay.
  5. Say ‘yes’ to prompt about moving events to new timecode position
  6. Undo ‘Modify Project Offset’
  • The Time Display window does not update.
    Workaround is to close, then reopen the Time Display to force it to refresh.

Sorry Steve - I think I’ve confused you because the thread title says Time Display, whilst in the thread itself I’m talking about the Ruler (showing Timecode).

The Timecode Display is fine - it’s the Ruler that goes out out and stays out. The only way to fix it is to do another ‘Set Timecode at Cursor’ and get it right!

You are right ‘Set Timecode’ isn’t in the undo history - its been called ‘Modify Project offset’ as you say. That should probably be changed also…:wink:

Please post a recipe to reproduce it. When I tested using the the steps above, it the ruler was not off.

1 Create New blank project
2 Create audio track and drop an audio file into it at bar 4
3 Create ruler and set it to show timecode
4 Place cursor at bar 4 - the start of your audio file
5 Project -> Set Timecode at Cursor. Change start time from 0:00:06:00 to 0:00:04:00
6 The ‘You have modified’ box will come up - click YES

The audio has moved to bar 5 (6:00 on the timecode ruler). The ruler now starts at -1:23:59:58:00, and 0:00 is at bar 2.

7 Undo this - yes it’s called Modify Project Offset in the Undo menu.

Your audio file moves back to its original position of bar 4, however the ruler has NOT changed back - the audio is shown as being at 4:00 - it should be reading 6:00 again.

8 Open up the Time Display - it usually shows the correct time - 6:00

There are general problems with the ruler. For example, you can select what the ruler shows (bars beats / Seconds / Timecode etc) by clicking on the tracks title in the Track List window, and you can also select it by right clicking the ruler in the arrange page. In doing so, you can end up with Bars & Beats showing as the Rulers name, but with the ruler itself showing timecode for example. They are not correctly linked.

Take a look at this screenshot and tell me that this is all working correctly!

To correct this you can fiddle around with the ruler, altering what it shows, and eventually it will get it right. Also, as you mentioned, you can correct it by moving the cursor around the arrange page, but sometimes it takes a while to correct itself.

That I was able to repro. The ruler does not update properly.
So both the time display and the ruler are not updating correctly.The error is shown consistently if you set the main Timeline ruler to Timecode also: