Issue - Tool Modifier "Lock multiple Hitpoints" Failure in Cubase 11 Pro

This post is to bring to attention an issue with the “lock multiple Hitpoints” tool modifier feature in Cubase 11 Pro

2020 Apple iMac 5K, 8-core 3.8 GHz Intel Core i7-10700K, 32GB SDDR4 RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 5500 XT Graphics w/ 8GB GDDR6
Utilizing Cubase 11 Pro v11.0.20 on MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina & Windows 10

This tool modifier is mapped to Alt/Option+Shift when in the audio part editor and allows the user to enable hitpoints by clicking & dragging the cursor over an area instead of precision clicks. The issue is that it merely drags the playhead and fails to lock any points, although the indicator flashes to signal the tool is active.
Below is a link to an unlisted video hosted on YouTube for your demonstration of this:

Open new project in Cubase 11 Pro
Import or record audio with clear transient data to the editor screen (i.e. a drum or start/stop a signal generator)
Double-click audio event to open the audio part editor (preferably in window mode)
Under the “Hitpoints” menu [left side], select “Edit Hitpoints”
–Hitpoints will be analyzed for the audio and all will be placed & active
Under the “Hitpoints” menu [left side], adjust the threshold to deactivate Hitpoints
Motion cursor to an inactive Hitpoint [denoted by small arrows located below the timeline ruler]
Activate the “Lock multiple Hitpoints” tool modifier by holding Alt/Option+Shift
–Near the cursor a display will notify the user that the tool is active
Click & drag the cursor (while holding Alt/Option+Shift) to activate multiple Hitpoints within the selected area
→ Result = No Hitpoints are selected and the action only drags the playhead

If anything in this posting or procedure is not appropriate, please notify me and I will respond with more detailed information. I have been a Cubase user for 20 years and appreciate what your products have done for our work. Thank you very much!

Just a personal note:
This has been a very useful feature that takes a lot of stress off of the eyes & hands, especially when working with tens of thousands of drum hits within a project (such as large percussion ensemble, or extreme music styles like black/death metal with blast beats). The ability to click & drag over an area is a much more natural action to perform over hours than focusing on precision clicks to activate individual points.
This tool has been an integral part of the Hitpoint workflow since it’s initiation in earlier versions of Cubase (v4 was the first I remember discovering it). Please give it some attention for the next update. Drum editors (and their wrists) around the world would appreciate it, I am sure!

Jester as a long time hitpoints user I sadly didn’t know this tool/feature existed! I will have to try on my system but not at my DAW at the moment. Just one thought. Did you make sure the tool/modifier key has not somehow been changed with an update?