[ISSUE] Track and Group Track Routing Bug

I’ve done my research on this (and other) forum and no similar problem occured.

I’m doing a film post-production. I used the Demo Project “Changes” that comes with Nuendo to make my template for this 5.1. surround mix. I left all the original STEMS (Vox, BG, Music and SFX) and I created a new one.

So, I did:
-Create New Group Track
-I selected for input configuration Quadro+Lfe and named it TEST.
-Then I routed the 3 stereo tracks (routed to music stem) to that TEST group.
-BUG: The three tracks keep going to the MUSIC STEM, altough they are routed to the TEST group.

I even tried to erase the music stem, and the problem continues. I have 3 stereo tracks routed to the TEST group but the sound doesn’t even arrive to that group.

I’m using Nuendo 6.0.7 (built Jan 21) on a Windows 7 Professional 64bits Service Pack 1. The machine is a Intel Xeon CPU E5-2609 @ 2.40GHZ (2 processors) with 16GB RAM and the only third party plug-ins I’m using on this project is Izotope Ozone (on a couple of stereo tracks) and some Waves 360º Plug-Ins (L360, C360 and M360 Surround).

Can I get some help please? I have extreme deadlines and I don’t have the slightest idea of what’s the problem.

I don’t have that demo session in front of me but check to see if you’re using direct routing where it can route a track to multiple destinstions. You may have tracks routed using this with the one you normally see not being active. The manual will tell you more.

Thanks for the reply likelystory.

The thing is, I’ve done thousands of routing in Nuendo with no problem. And I found a way to get around this problem, but seems to me that there’s a bug when routing some tracks. This particular situation is in no way referred in the manual :stuck_out_tongue:

I opened up new tracks (stereo) for my music and copied the clips onto them. Then I routed the tracks again to my TEST STEM and… it worked. What I found strange was after routing the tracks to my TEST STEM, I would still see audio arriving at the MUSIC STEM (the old one) without anytrack being routed to it. Now, ain’t that buggy or what? So I solved this, but it feels I’m just tricking the software and the problem is still there. Maybe worth to be checked by steinberg folks, right?

Did you check direct routing? This is a screenshot from Nuendo 5 but the concept is the same - it’s another view within the mixer: http://media.soundonsound.com/sos/oct10/images/Nuendo_05.jpg

In your Nuendo 6 mixer under racks enable the “Direct Routing” rack.

Okay, totally owned with this one.

Yes, the problem was the direct routing option of the “Changes” demo project. Totally missed this.

Thanks once again for the help likelystory :slight_smile:

No problem! :slight_smile: