Issue : Track Name Width does not reflect changes made to track control settings

  1. Add instrument track.
  2. Enables all instrument track outputs.
  3. Enter a long track name.
  4. Instrument tracks can be displayed with the track name display width set in Track Control.
    However, the instrument track outputs do not reflect the set display width, and the name will not be visible.

Windows 10, 11, Any Mac OS version.
Cubase 12.0.40
It occurs no matter which VST instrument is used.

I need to export the data for mixing.
If I give a long track name and it is not fully displayed in the project window, I will have to check the name in the channel settings, etc. each time.

Modify the Track Controls Settings so that the Track Name Width is also reflected in the instrument track outputs.


These are an automation tracks in fact. Therefore they don’t follow the Instrument track rules.

Hi, Martin.

So these are automation tracks, wasn’t it.
Is there an option to change the Track Name Width for Automation tracks?
For many years, my composer colleagues, including myself, have trouble finding this option.